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AutoCall Notifier

Auto Call Notifier

A personalised message or a friendly phone call is often the best long-distance way to communicate but it turns into a challenge when you need to connect with many people simultaneously. Combining automation with intelligent technology, Reliance AutoCall Notifier not only helps you connect with a large audience simultaneously, but also adds the warmth of personalisation to conversations.

Let's say you are a financial brokerage firm with a large customer base. At the close of trading hours every day, you need to inform details of transactions to every customer who bought or sold stocks during the day. You could call each customer individually but this would require mammoth effort and investment. However, with Reliance AutoCall Notifier, you can schedule a blast dial-out that would automatically place personalised and customized calls to each customer at the designated time. Each customer's details would be picked up from your database and the text-to-speech engine would personalise the message. You even have the option of adding an IVR option after the initial message, and the customer could initiate a live interaction with a broker or a relationship manager by pressing a button on the dialpad. You could even record the conversation for quality monitoring or for preserving proof of communication.

Whether you are broking house, bank, insurance company, online retailer or any kind of business that needs to communicate frequently with a large audience, Reliance AutoCall Notifier lets you communicate in a personalised manner with your customers, with minimum human intervention and without expensive investments in call center resources.

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