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Prior to Reliance Communications Virtual audio Bridge Service (Anytime Meeting), we faced a 'reservation bottleneck'  wherein we had an internal helpdesk just to get the conference bookings done with the service provider, and have the details of the same communicated to all. This helpdesk later reconciled the bills received with the conference users.

With the help of Virtual audio Bridge service, Reliance has empowered all managers of Polaris to have their audio conferences globally with or without notice, on a 24x7 basis without incurring any fixed cost. This has directly contributed in improving the collaborative efficiency of our company.

V Balakrishnan
            V Balakrishnan, CIO, 
            Polaris Software Lab Ltd,

Reliance Virtual Audio Bridge Service

Case Study

A Leading Software Company headquartered in Chennai now uses Audio Conferencing exclusively from Reliance Communications .The company not only saved one time cost of Rs.1 crore and recurring cost of Rs. 0.25 crore, per annum, but was also able to provide a superior experience to the users, mostly CXOs and senior executives.

Reliance Virtual Audio Bridge Service

The Pre – RCOM Scenario

Whenever anyone wanted to set up an Audio Conference call, he or she had to reserve the same with the Company’s internal conferencing desk which was run by more than 3 resources.

This meant substantial operation cost for the company, a non-uniform user experience and the inconvenience of prior reservation, besides the AMC cost for the bridge and its sunken capital cost.

RCOM scenario

Post RCOM scenario

With RCOM’s virtual Audio

Bridge service (Anytime Meeting), every senior person who relied on conferencing got a separate bridge with a permanent dial in number and conference code. So they would now conduct conferences without prior reservation and there was no need for the company to maintain dedicated resources to run these conferences.

In addition the end user experience was uniformly superior and the users were able to invite participants on their calls through toll free numbers both in India and abroad.


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