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Wireless Data Virtual Private Network enables enterprises to connect their remote terminals and mobile workforce for accessing ERP,CRM, and other applications. The Enterprise application servers can be either hosted at Reliance IDC or connected through a private leased line between Reliance Wireless Data Network and the enterprise servers.

The WDVPN can be deployed for specific industry applications such as point-of-sale for retail chains, wireless ATMs for banks and lottery terminal connectivity for lottery operators. It can even be deployed for enterprise specific applications such as Sales Force Automation or other field force applications that create immense benefits for the enterprise such as higher acquisition and retention through improved responsiveness, increase in number of successful transactions, sales force productivity gains and cost savings.

Benefits include
  • Reach and Scalability that ensure business automation reaches every office.
  • Quick deployment ensures quicker establishments of business operations
  • Simple to use for business users,which is important as usually sites that are expected to be connected over WDVPN are either smaller branches or remote locations and hence may not have IT staff positioned there.
  • Secured-encryption,authentication and integrity checks on end to end basis brings it at par with wireline VPN security.
Wireless Data VPN

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  • Widespread coverage
  • Convergent voice-data-video network
  • Global expertise
  • Consultative approach
  • Customised solutions
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Smart Call Through
  • Auto Call Notifier Overview
  • Insta CallBack Overview
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