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Reliance DDoS

While DDoS attacks are not new, they continue to grow in scale and severity, with the ability to bring a business to its knees for hours or even days. Reliance DDoS Shield is a cloud-based comprehensive DDoS protection service that wards off DDoS attacks and quickly activates remedial measures in case of an attack, thus keeping your business virtually unaffected by these attacks.

DDoS attackers usually create the denial-of service condition by either consuming server bandwidth or by impairing the server itself. Reliance DDoS Shield is powered by advanced detection and mitigation platforms deployed in the Reliance Internet backbone. Since this is a cloud-based managed service, you do not need to install any equipment on your premises.

Key Benefits:

  • Improves business uptime and continuity by protecting your website / Internet network from virtually every form of DDoS attack
  • Safeguards your brand image by not letting DDoS attacks ruin your brand's reputation
  • Being a cloud-based service, it is easy to deploy and manage Capex-free solution; reduced TCO as compared to premise-based solutions
  • Ease and assurance of a single service provider for Internet as well as DDoS protection

To download the Reliance DDoS Shield brochure, click here.

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