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What is Audio Conferencing?
Audio Conferencing enables a number of people to communicate simultaneously with each other in real time from wherever they are in the world, using touch-tone telephones.
Why do I need Audio Conferencing?
It is a great way to conduct meetings without physically bringing people together. You can discuss pros and cons, strategies for success and make decisions, bringing key players together in a meeting without spending huge amounts of time and money. Audio teleconference meetings save time and travel cost.
What is Reliance 'Anytime Meeting'?
'Anytime Meeting' is a reservation-less Audio Conferencing service that can be used to set up conferences at any time, from any touch-tone phone with out any prior reservations. It's like owning your own virtual conference bridge.
What are the benefits of Reliance 'Anytime Meeting'?
The benefits of using Reliance 'Anytime Meeting' are:

  • Freedom from prior reservation: Set-up your conference anytime, without prior reservation

  • Virtually own a bridge: Get a unique conference ID and permanent dial-in number for all your conferences.
What are Reliance Reservation based services?
Reliance offers complete range of Reservation based Audio Conferencing services. They are:
1. Automated  Audio Conference
2. Operator Assisted Audio Conference
3. Event Calls
What is Automated Audio Conference Service?
This is an unattended reservation based service. Participants enter a call by simply dialing the permanent dial-in number and password of the conference. The conference usually proceeds without operator assistance but upon requirement *0 can be used to get operator assistance.
What is Operator Assisted Audio Conference service?
This is next level of high-end reservation based service. Conference chairpersons can secure their conference with a password, if required. At the scheduled time, an operator will dial-out to participants or greet dial-in participants, announce participants as they join the conference, do a roll call of participants if requested by the chairperson and other activities requested by the chairperson while booking the call.
What is Event Call?
These are high level, completely managed conference calls to deliver a message of high importance. The customer can conduct a event call for mid sized to large audience with controlled interaction with the chair person. Operational staff “walks through” the call processes with chairperson to review call features before conference. Considering high visibility of the call specialized handling can be given with various features
How do businesses / enterprises utilize voice conferencing?

Some of the common areas that offer benefits include:

  • Sales and marketing
    New product announcements
    Marketing co-ordination / pre-sales activities
    Forecasting / new trend discussions
  • Public relations
    Analyst conference calls
    Promotional reviews
    Special events / kick-offs
  • Project management / co-ordination
    Critical meetings
    Business decisions
  • Financial
    Investment banking activities
    Branch meetings
  • Legal
    Partner's meetings
    Pre-trial hearings and depositions
    Contract negotiations
    Case settlement
How many people can attend 'Anytime Meeting'?
Up to 25 participants (including the chairperson) can join a conference at a time. However, this depends on the maximum number of participants requested at the time of subscription for the service. The subscriber can ask for between five to 25 participants including the chairperson, at the time of subscription.
What is the minimum number of participants required to start 'Anytime Meeting'?
Even two people (the chairperson and another participant) can start a conference. If you opt for 'quick start', the conference can start even in the absence of the chairperson.
Can I invite more participants than the subscribed limit?
Yes. You can connect more participants than subscribed using the ‘dial-out to participant’ feature, subject to availability of resources.
What are the standard features of Reliance ‘Anytime Meeting’,Automated,Operator Assist and Event Conference?

Sr. No.

Feature Description

anytime meeting


Operator Assisted

Event Call


Entry/Exit Tone


Mute/Unmute – Individual


Mute/Unmute – Group


Conference Lock/Unlock




Participant Count






Dial Out*








Recurring Call



Approved Participant List*




Call Notification*




Custom Scripting*




Participant Report*












Operator Monitoring Throughout*




Walk Through*





Communication Line*




*Chargeable Features
How do I get started to use Reliance 'Anytime Meeting' service?
  • Subscriber ID

  • Conference dial-in number

  • Conference Code

  • Chairperson Code

  • Security Code

You may invite your participants via email, SMS, fax or phone call. Remember to specify the desired date and time of the conference along with following,

  • Conference dial-in number

  • Conference Code

  • Security Code
How to join the conference?
As Chairperson >> Dial the conference dial in number, followed by Conference Code, the Chairperson code & Security Code
As Participant >> Dial the conference dial in number followed by Conference Code & security code.
How to set up & conduct reservation based audio conference services?
The customer needs to reserve the automated conference at least 24 hours in advance either through a web interface or by calling the Reliance Contact Center.or sending mail
Event calls/operator assisted calls should be booked 72 hrs in advance using the same ways mentioned above.
For booking a conference; Subscriber ID is must
Once booked; conference details will be sent to the chairperson via mail within two hours from the receipt of conference request details
Web Interface (, phone is(022 –30339393) & mail (
How can a participant get into the conference?
There are two ways to access a conference, dial-in and dial-out.
For dial-in access, the participant dials a conference dial-in number.
In the case of dial-out access, the chairperson connects a participant to the conference by dialing the participant's telephone number.
Can I have dial-in and dial-out access in a single conference?
Yes, you can chose between dial-in access and hybrid (dial-in and dial-out) access at the time of subscription.
What is the Conference Dial-in number?
Conference dial-in number is the audio bridge access number. Reliance offers a permanent conference dial-in number for all audio conferencing service


Toll number

Toll Free Service*

Anytime meeting


1800 30 121212



1800 30 141414

Op. assisted


1800 30 151515



1800 30 131313





*Toll free service will attract extra charges
Can I dial Conference Dial-in number from my mobile?
Yes. You can dial this number from any mobile phone.
Can I use any phone to join the conference?
You can use any DTMF tone telephone to join the conference.
Can I set-up 'Anytime Meeting' from anywhere?
Yes, you can set up an ‘anytime meeting’ with multiple participants by making a telephone call from anywhere in the world using any touch-tone telephone.
What happens if I have more participants than the subscribed limit?
Once the maximum limit of participants is reached, new participants trying to dial-in hear the message: "The conference is full. You cannot join at this time." But if you have subscribed to the ‘dial-out to participant’ feature, you can connect more participants to the meeting by dialing out to them, subject to the availability of resources.
Is there a limit on the number of conferences I can have?
No. But, at any given time, only one conference call can be active per conference ID.
Can participants call from international locations?
Yes, in this case they will have to dial Mumbai based bridge number as mentioned above and the caller will have to bear the applicable call charges
The call also has the option of dialling the ITFS (International Toll Free Service) number provided by us and chairperson has to bear the additional surcharge for ITFS.
How will I know whether a participant is in conference?
The chairperson can run the roll call, where the bridge IVR announces the names of all participants present in the conference, if they have recorded their names at the time of joining the conference. When a participants leaves, the IVR promptly announces the exit of that participant.
For reservation based conferences; are the conference passwords common for chairperson  & other participants?
No. The conference passwords are different for chairperson and participants.
Can I change my conference code?
You can change the conference code & chairperson code by calling Reliance Contact Centre. However the security code can be changed by the chair person himself.
Can I keep Chairperson Code and Security Code common?
No, the Chairperson code and security code have to be different
What are the different schemes available for 'Anytime Meeting'?
There is only one offer currently available

  • Pay-per-use conferencing.
What is Pay-per use conferencing offer?
You pay for each conference you hold. The charge is on a per-port-per-minute of use basis.
What are the Conference Charges for pay-per use conferencing?
The chairperson will pay charges as per actual use on a conference-by-conference basis. The conference charge is the sum of port charges and call charges (dial-out calls) for actual use. The port charges are calculated by multiplying the actual port use in minutes and the rate per port per minute.

For example, for a 15-participant dial-in only conference for 60 minutes, the total port minutes will be 15 x 60 = 900 minutes. Assuming the port charges are Rs.3 per port per minute, the total charge will be Rs.2,700. All participants have dialed into the conference; therefore there will be no call charges.
What are the charges for "Dial out to participant"?
For ‘dial-out to participants’, the call charges are extra, depending on the call type (local, STD or ISD) and this is billed to the chairperson. The originating city for dial-out is Mumbai.
This means that if the chairperson has called the conference from Delhi and dials out to a participant in Delhi, it will be treated as an STD call from Mumbai to Delhi and billed accordingly.
What are the charges for connecting additional participants in conference beyond the subscribed participants' limit?
For the pay-per-use scheme, port charges in addition to dial-out call charges will be billed to the chairperson.
Will I be billed for the full month even if I subscribe/exit in the middle of the month?
Your first month charges will be pro-rated. If you discontinue after the minimum contract period of 12 months, the pro-ration will apply in the month of exit. But discontinuing before the completion of the contract will attract the full month’s port charges.
Will there be service tax?
Yes, your bill will attract service tax as per the guidelines of the Government of India.
What is the minimum contract period?
The minimum contract period is 12 months.

Security and Support Related

What are the security features of Reliance Audio Conferencing Service?

We offer:

Private Roll Call
By enabling this feature you can know the name of participants present in your conference.

Name Recording

Using this feature the chairperson can prompt all the participants to record their name before entering into the conference.

Lock/Unlock conference
This feature enables the Chairperson to Lock the conference once the all the invited participants have joined the conference. No other participant can enter once the conference is locked.

Change password
Chairperson can change conference codes (Conference code, chairperson code & security codes)to enhance security of conference. Can also change Chairperson code.

How do I know how many people are there in my conference?
Please play private roll call feature, which runs you through all the participants’ names present in the conference.
Can a conference start without chairperson?
Conference cannot start without a chairperson, however if requested for ‘Quick Start’ feature, the conference can start without the chairperson. Similarly, as default conference will disconnect after chairperson leaves the conference. You also can get this feature disabled. In case of quick start feature you will not get security code.
What do I do in case the participants are disconnected?
You may contact us to have your settings checked.

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