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Video Conferencing

Business is no more conducted at one office and during office hours. Globalization requires all enterprises doing business internationally and domestically across geographies, to collaborate. A given job needs more skill sets than were required before and it is not possible to find all of them at one place and in one company.

Collaboration is the mantra most large enterprises have adopted and they are finding it increasingly useful. The challenge is to induct the right combination of collaboration tools that can effectively help knowledge executives to exchange ideas and communicate in real time as effectively as a face-to-face meeting.

Reliance next generation Video Conferencing provides enterprises an edge to collaborate amongst their employees, business partners ,suppliers, distributors,customers and other teams across geographies and time zones.

Reliance Communications has redefined video conference service in this country taking it from a conventional ISDN to higher bandwidth IP Video Call service with options to choose from 384 Kbps onwards to 2 Mbps or higher bandwidth. Our 242 IP Video Studios across 105 towns now help enterprises to extend the power of video collaboration to their smaller offices across the country. They can also now use this medium to collaborate with their dealers, distributors or even for interviewing candidates from the comfort of their office.

Why Reliance Business Services?

  • Widespread coverage
  • Convergent voice-data-video network
  • Global expertise
  • Consultative approach
  • Customised solutions
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Smart Call Through
  • Auto Call Notifier Overview
  • Insta CallBack Overview
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