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Voice Solutions

Office Centrex

Office Centrex
Smart Office Hassle-free, flexible telephone exchange

Your office can now get the digital PBX functionality without having to invest in and maintain any equipment. Introducing the Reliance SmartOffice - a Business-class Centrex - which offers carrier grade reliability and scalability coupled with the benefits of outsourcing.

Benefits and Features

Digital PBX functionality

Reliance SmartOffice offers high-end digital PBX functionalities like DID, free Intercom calling, Voice Mail and Attendant Console. Every user gets a direct number and a direct line so that he can be reached without going through the operator.

Carrier grade Reliability & scalability

Along with the Carrier grade reliability of Reliance network, SmartOffice offers scalability from 5 to 64000 lines.

Multi-Office solution

Two or more offices in the same city can be covered - to enable free intercom calling between offices

Outsourcing benefits

No capital expenditure and no hassles of maintenance and administration. You can even add or surrender lines as you wish to match your business growth.

Why Reliance Business Services?

  • Widespread coverage
  • Convergent voice-data-video network
  • Global expertise
  • Consultative approach
  • Customised solutions
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Smart Call Through
  • Auto Call Notifier Overview
  • Insta CallBack Overview
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