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3G MobileNet Plans

Give your mobile handset the power of Reliance3G data pack and keep your mobile expenses low without having to curtail on your internet usage. Thanks to the prepaid data plans of Reliance, you can be rest assured of saving huge with the 3G data pack. Recharging with our net pack is instant and extremely easy. We offer online prepaid plans that perfectly suit every budget.

Based on your 3G circles you can select the plan suitable from the bouquet of prepaid data plans available. The 3G data pack by Reliance gives you the freedom of seamless connectivity across different 3G circles all across the country. With no rental fee, you can also choose net pack with unlimited talk time plans from us and enjoy uninterrupted communication with your loved ones for hours together. Use and pay as you desire with your Reliance data card. Reliance offers the best data card packs and allows you to enjoy online internet services without interruption across all 3G circles.

Surf the net with your 3G data pack, connect with your friends and send important business emails without any hiccups through Reliance prepaid data cards and prepaid plans. We offer the best network, thus giving your mobile handset the freedom to be online and stay connected with your loved ones across the country.

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