R World


What does R World offer me?

Social networking

Get the latest updates and put up your posts on Facebook and Twitter and set up email on mobile with Gmail, Hotmail, Ovimail, etc.

Latest entertainment

The latest in news, music, video, games, apps, wallpapers and more downloads – all available for you to choose from.

Personalized settings

You choose what you want to see on your homepage – be it a favourite social networking site or anything else you’d like to see upfront.

Ease of use

Services are spread across four navigational links—Home, Fun, Web and Connect. Locate your choice easily and make it yours.

R World Demo

How much do I pay?

  • Effective 23rd June 2011, RWorld browsing is chargeable at 10p/10kb for RCOM GSM/RTL/3G subscribers, content download charges as applicable.
  • Visit our website www.rcom.co.in or check tariff on your mobile.


How can I personalise my
R World homepage?

Choose how you want to see your R World homepage. Get to your favourites first. Do it your own way and for no cost!

  • To get started, click on ‘Personalise my page’ at the bottom of the page, or hit the ‘Add’ button in Web, or set up your email/social network in Connect.
  • You’ll move to the personalisation page.
  • There, select your favourite/frequent items by clicking ‘add’. You can display up to 3 items on your page. You can reorder items, make a new selection, edit your page and remove items anytime you want.

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