3G Products &

3G Products & Services

Mobile Internet

  • Get the best speeds (upto 28 Mbps), fastest download and upload and most widespread pan-India coverage.
  • No need to change your SIM card. For modems, use Reliance branded ones or the dongles available in the market.
  • Stay connected to the fastest possible technology available (3G, EDGE, GPRS).
  • Compared to ADSL, Reliance 3G MBB is compact, portable, easy to use on any computer.
  • Choose a convenient mode of connection—dongles, phone as modem and mobile internet.
  • Select the plan that suits you best from a range of flexible options.

Video Calling

Making a 3G video call with your Reliance 3G connection is possible with the best picture quality. Now get closer to your loved ones through online video calling at your fingertips. Wherever you may be, no matter how far; connect with your loved ones with Video calls.

Uploading, downloading, sending & receiving video clips is now super convenient. No more buffering, no more lags, only the best quality live video through Reliance 3G mobile internet. With our mobile you can enjoy unlimited free downloads by choosing one of the attractive data plans of Reliance. Free yourself from the geographic boundaries and connect with your loved ones in their happiness wherever you are.

Video Call tariffs

Video Call tariffs Local NLD
Day (6 AM - 11 PM) 5 p/sec 5 p/sec
Night (11 PM - 6 AM) 2 p/sec 5 p/sec
Roaming - outgoing 5 p/sec 5 p/sec
Roaming - incoming 5 p/sec 5 p/sec
Pack Rental Pack Benefits/ Description How to Activate
Local Onnet Video Pack 199 Unlimited Local onnet Video calls free. SMS Act VDCALL199 to 53733
(Local + STD) Onnet Video Pack 399 Unlimited Local + STD onnet Video calls free. SMS Act VDCALL399 to 53733

Video Portal

With Reliance video portal, enjoy power packed entertainment with a variety of infotainment services. Now you can enjoy music videos, video clips, highlights, video sms, video greetings, and much more. Your Reliance video portal brings you closer to your loved ones in real time through live online video calling and that too with the best picture quality.

Reliance video portal services gives you a chance to do online video calling and see what your loved ones and friends are up to, seamlessly from anywhere. A cross between a TV channel and an IVR, the Reliance video portal is loaded with interactive user interface making access convenient and easier for you. Enjoying Video portal is extremely easy with Reliance3G services, just call 52222 and listen to the IVR menu; it will guide you to the options you desire to choose. With super attractive pricing, best picture quality and seamless connectivity, Reliance3G services offer the best video portal services.

What do I get with Reliance Video Portal?

  • Power-packed entertainment service that provides you with a range of infotainment services.
  • You can enjoy music videos, cricket high-lights, comedy clips, video SMS, video greetings, kids' stuff, devotional clips and more.

Pricing 10 paise per second

How do I access various services?

The Reliance Video Portal is a cross between a TV channel and an IVR—and loaded with interactivity at every step, to make access easier for you.

  • To enjoy the Video Portal, please Video Call 58000 (for the World Cup), or 52222 (for other Services).
  • You will see a video clip that will guide you on how to enjoy the services on offer.
  • Listen through the IVR menu, make your selection and follow the remaining instructions to enjoy the video portal. For e.g., if you press 1, you can go into the music video category, etc.
  • Press ‘End’ to exit call.

Mobile TV

Now carry your TV everywhere you go. We provide you your very own 3G mobile TV on the. All your top watched TV channels are available on your mobile handset. You can access sports, news, fun, music, movies, knowledge, and kids as genres for online mobile TV entertainment. Reliance India mobile TV also offers a perfect mix of online channel content on its promotional channel exclusive for your TV on mobile.

No hassles, no data plan required, neither a mobile TV software required to install your 3G mobile TV for your handset. All you have to do is SMS mTV to 55447 or get it through the R-world portal.

Reliance internet converts your mobile handset in to a live TV with 3G live channels. Never miss your favorite sport matches or soap dram with our network. With 60 live channels, 50 loop, VOD TV channels, exclusive online Reliance content and video on demand; your RelianceTV on mobile is a perfect way of entertainment on the go all across India.

What does Mobile TV on Reliance 3G offer me?

  • Top - rated content

    Get your top-watched television channels now on your handset. Channels cut across 7 genres spanning Sports, News, Fun, Music, Movies, Kids & Knowledge.

  • Transparency in charges

    No data plan required. No need to track your MB usage—not while downloading client or while streaming channels. Pay one flat subscription charge and watch TV worry free.

  • Ease of use

    Electronic Programme guide that gives you a DTH like experience in accessing your favorite channel and lets you sent reminders so that you never miss your favorite channel

  • Exclusive content

    Medley mix of channel content on promotional channel, available exclusively with Reliance Mobile TV only

  • Video on demand

    Watch news, clips & movies on demand no matter what time of day with just the touch of a button

Apps & Services

Make your mobile handset, a next- gen entertainment device with Reliance3G applications and internet services. Now staying connected with friends via social media, and getting the latest updates is extremely easy through Reliance application for mobile handsets. Download wallpapers and games with just a click from anywhere across the country.

We offer excellent 3G applications for your mobile that allows you to enjoy your favorite entertainment channels in news, music, video, games, and many more downloads. Even set up email accounts and allow personalized settings as per your convenience. Reliance3G apps for mobile allows you to customize your homepage with your favorite applications. Wherever you go, our network helps you enjoy seamless connectivity across India. Now you don’t have to miss your favorite shows while you travel. With Reliance3G apps services, always stay connected while on the go. With extremely low charges, Relianceis one of the most preferred service providers in India.