Why 4G?

Reliance is the FIRST service provider to launch commercial 4G services in SUB-1GHz LTE Frequency to give you unmatched speeds and superior connectivity.

Download and stream videos faster than ever!

Enjoy your favourite multi-player games without disruptions.

Excellent voice clarity. Data speeds up to 50 Mbps. Even indoors!

Clear visuals. No pixelation. No delay in sounds.

Upgrade to 4G


Using your current Mobile SIM

Call 1299 from your mobile and dial the 19 digit SIM number of new 4G SIM
  • GSM Prepaid: Upgrade with existing Recharge.
  • GSM Postpaid: Mandatory 4G Plan required.
You will recevive an sms confirming your 4G SIM registration and 48 hours prior to upgrade you will receive a SMS to start using your 4G SIM
To ensure we have consent to provide 4G data services, please SMS start to 1925
For WiPod(MiFi)
Manually type http://reliancenetconnect.co.in in your browser address bar
In the Upgrade to 4G form, enter your WiPod number, 4G SIM number, your name, email ID and alternate mobile number.
Generate OTP to complete verification
Proceed to claim your new 4G WiPod (MiFi)
Invoice and estimated delivery time will be e-mailed to you. Your 4G WiPod will be shipped to your address.
48 hours prior to Upgrade, you will receive an SMS to start using your 4G SIM

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • WiPod
  • Mobile

Which WiPod will be made available for 4G OR what are the device specifications of your 4G WiPod(MiFi) OR can I have the list of OS compatible with this proposed 4G WiPod(MiFi)? Does it have Wifi Hotspot facility?

  • 4G WiPod is Wi-Fi enabled ZTE MiFi with inbuilt battery of 2300 mAh, which lasts for 5-6 hours.
  • It is a SIM based 4G WiPod, weighs only 80g, an aesthetically pleasing design
  • Download speeds of upto 150 Mbps/ Upload speeds of upto 50 Mbps
  • 31 User connectivity at one time, MicroSD card slot, up to 32 GB
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/8.1/10, MAC OS X 10.7+

How long will it take for delivery of the device after booking?

Device can be purchased post registering for 4G on http://reliancenetconnect.co.in. Post registration & purchase, 4G WiPod(MiFi) will be dispatched in 10 working days.

Is the proposed 4G WiPod SIM based or non-SIM based? Is it Network locked? Can the SIM be used in a compatible 4G device?

4G WiPod is SIM based & Network is locked to Reliance network. The SIM can be used in a compatible 4G device. Voice & SMS services will be barred.

Will open market WiPod(MiFi)s work on Reliance 4G SIM?

Yes. Your new 4G SIM will work with an unlocked open market 4G WiPod(MiFi). For best experience on 4G network, it is recommended to use the New 4G Reliance WiPod(MiFi)d.

Is the 4G WiPod(MiFi) have Wi-Fi hotspot facility?

Yes, New 4G Reliance WiPod(MiFi) is a hotspot device offering 31user concurrent connectivity.

Can I have the list of service centers for the 4G WiPod(MiFi)?

All ZTE service centers will provide service for any issue with the 4G Reliance WiPod (MiFi).

Will this device latch onto any other 4G Service? OR Can I latch onto 3G/ 2G data network or onto MTS Rev B network with my 4G WiPod(MiFi)?

This new 4G Reliance WiPod will only be able to latch onto Reliance 4G network

Does throttling apply in 4G?

Yes. Throttling will be applicable for all Postpaid plans with unlimited quota. Post quota, speed will be throttled to 144Kbps.

Is there any dial up number/password?

No. Simply connect to your device using the Wi-Fi key as given on the device. There is no dialup/ dialer setup & no password to remember.

I am inserting my new WiPod(MiFi)'s SIM in a handset but am unable to make voice calls? OR Can I use this 4G WiPod(MiFi) SIM on a 4G handset for voice/data/both?

Voice services will be barred by default.

Is International Roaming available for WiPod(MiFi)?

Currently, International Roaming is not available for WiPod(MiFi)s.

What will my charges be post my quota getting over?

Pay as you go (PayG) rate of 4p/10Kb will be applicable for all post quota usage (barring unlimited plans where PayG is not applicable). This is applicable to Prepaid & Postpaid subscribers on 4G.

What will be 4G recharges in Prepaid?

Prepaid 4G recharges are available in the Plans & Packs section. Please refer to MRP’s pertaining to your circle recharge.

What will be 4G plan in Postpaid.?

New 4G Plans are available in Plans & Packs section. Please refer to Plans’s pertaining to your circle.

For any connectivity issues what should I do?

Please call our data callcentre at *355 (tollfree) from your reliance Mobile or 1800-3000-5555 from any mobile number.


Do I need to submit fresh documents to upgrade to 4G?

We are happy to inform you that you do not need to submit any Documents to upgrade to 4G. All you require is just a SIM change to start experiencing 4G services. Please visit your nearest Reliance Store and get your 4G Ready Smart SIM now.

What are the benefits of upgrading to 4G for me?

Reliance 4G will provide you ultra-high speed upto 50 Mbps speed with significant Internet experience for a Smartphone user. User will get a path breaking experience in terms of faster browsing, video streaming and viewing photos on FaceBook.

What speed can I get from a 4G connection?

Reliance 4G provides up to 10 times faster speed than 3G. However, actual speed varies depending on factors like handset/ SIM/ network coverage and also the content being accessed.

What are the requirements for buying a 4G connection? How will I know if my handset is ready for 4G?

You will require a 4G Ready Smart SIM, a 4G handset & should be present in a 4G Circle.

If your network setting status changes from your existing network to LTE/ 4G and you meet all the above said criteria, then your handset is ready to use 4G.

Will my handset support 4G OR will it be compatible on my existing CDMA handset OR in any GSM 2G/3G handset? How can I know my 4G handset specification?

You won’t be able to use your 4G Ready Smart SIM in your current CDMA handset but some CDMA dual SIM handset, also support 4G. Request you to get your handset compatibility checked from your dealer.

You will be able to use Reliance 4G Ready Smart SIM in any GSM 2G/3G handset. Also, on GSM 2G handset you will get 2G speed, whereas on GSM 3G handset you will get 3G speed.

Can you provide list of compatible phones with 4G LTE network OR Where will I get to see 4G Smartphones?

Any 4G compatible open market handset will work. While you can buy 4G Smartphones from your nearest Mobile shop, we recommend you to have a look at a wide range of 4G Smartphones available on our shop.rcom.co.in or visit our nearest Reliance outlet or visit Reliance store at PAYTM.

However if you wish to upgrade to 4G Smartphone later, then you can start using this SIM in any 2G/3G handset GSM Handset.

I am on roaming will I be able to use my voice and data ?

Yes in roaming you will be able to use the voice services & in data 2G/3G/4G depending on handset & network availability.


Contact Us

  • WiPod(MiFi):Dial *355 from any wireless Reliance number or call 1-800-3000-5555 (toll-free) from any phone.

    Dial 30335555 (toll free for Reliance Network) from any landline or after adding the local area code, from any mobile. In case your city has less than an 8 digit local no., simply delete the right most digit in the given telephone no., so for a 7 digit local number, call 3033555.

    On calling our helpdesk number, you will be prompted to key-in the 10 digit MDN number (data card number starting with 93) and then, our executive will address your queries / service requests.

    Smartphone:Dial 198(toll free) or *222( Postpaid) & *333 (Prepaid) (Chargeable @50p/min) for any queries about our products or services from Reliance Number. You can also reach us on 30333333 from any other phone.

  • customercare@relianceada.com


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