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What is BlackBerry Internet Service (Reliance BlackBerry Prosumers/Professional)?
BlackBerry® Internet Service/BIS is an integrated and secure wireless service for individuals and small businesses, providing access up to ten corporate and/or personal e-mail accounts from a single device. BlackBerry® Internet service combines the e-mail, phone, SMS, browser, organiser, instant messenger plus more, in a single BlackBerry® handheld.
Can the same BlackBerry® smartphone be used for both BlackBerry® Enterprise Service and BlackBerry® Internet Service?
Yes. The only difference will be the set-up and configuration of the smartphone. Customers also need to subscribe for Blackberry Enterprise or Individual service plan based on the requirement.

Reliance provides the BlackBerry® Enterprise service plan that enables you to configure 10 POP3/ISP mail accounts and one enterprise mail account with access to enterprise e-mail & data. BlackBerry® Enterprise Plus service plan is cost-effective as the charges are same as that of BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
What types of email accounts are supported with BlackBerry® Internet Service?
BlackBerry® Internet Service supports the following e-mail protocols:
  • POP3/IMAP4 with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or non-SSL
  • Microsoft® MSN® HTTP / Microsoft Hotmail® , Yahoo! Mail
  • Microsoft Outlook® Web Access 5.5, 2000, and 2003.
How is BlackBerry® Internet Service different from the other solutions?
BlackBerry® Internet Service is based on Push Mail technology wherein the emails are pushed automatically to your BlackBerry® smartphone as soon as it reaches your mail server. Thus, there is no hassle of dialling in or downloading. For PDAs, you would need to configure the POP3/IMAP application to periodically pull email from your ISP account.
Will I get a new BlackBerry® email address for BlackBerry® Internet Service?
Yes. You will be able to customise an email address - with your subscription. Mails sent to this address can be accessed directly from your BlackBerry smartphone. To configure this unique email address, login to
Where can I find the PIN for a BlackBerry® smartphone?
You can find your PIN from the following locations on your smartphone:
  • On the BlackBerry smart phone menu, go to Options >Status.
  • On the sticker of your BlackBerry smartphone box.
  • Under the battery cover
What is the largest message size that can be sent to the smartphone?
Messages are sent to the smartphone in 2kB parts. You can request for the rest of the message by clicking the track wheel/trackball and choosing the ‘More’ option.
Is the message delivery to my BlackBerry® smartphone in real-time?
Yes. Once an email reaches the inbox of your mail server, a message notification (including up to 32 recipient names and the first 2KB of the message) will be delivered to the BlackBerry® smartphone immediately.
Can I integrate personal as well as business mails together with BlackBerry® Internet Service?
Yes. You can integrate Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo as well as your personal POP3/Internet Service Provider (ISP) e-mail accounts with BlackBerry® Internet Service. If your Business mail account is POP3/IMAP enabled or the outlook allows web access, then you can integrate your business mails as well.
Can I open attachments using a BlackBerry? Can I edit/modify and re-email them?
You can open Word, Excel, and PowerPoint attachments on your BlackBerry. Attachments can be edited/modified if you have BlackBerry Handheld software v4.5 and above on your handset.
Will Blackberry email work when I am roaming anywhere in India?
Black Berry email on GSM/CDMA handsets will work in all cities where Reliance has Data coverage.
Will BlackBerry email work when I am roaming Internationally?
Blackberry email will work in international data roaming with select partner operators. However this service is yet to be launched. For an updated list of data roaming partner operators please visit us at For GSM it will work with all GPRS/EDGE roaming partners.
Do I need to have special training to work on BlackBerry?
No special training is required on the user-friendly BlackBerry. One can spend just a couple of days hands-on with your new BlackBerry device and you will feel extremely comfortable