Reliance Communications
Roaming - CDMA
With Seamless Roaming from BlackBerry® on Reliance Mobile you can
 Stay connected with your loved ones on a single number world over.
 Make and receive Calls and SMS while you roam.
 Seamless data roaming usage in terms of sending & receiving emails.
 Receive a single consolidated bill for international and domestic usage in INR.
 Avail all the benefits of BlackBerry services as you roam on our partner networks.

Domestic roaming

Subscription charges – no rentals for voice and data roaming
Domestic roaming voice and data usage rages as per tariffs chosen.

International roaming

Security Deposit -INR 5000/- As per applicable norms
Monthly Rental - Rs 150/-
Additional deposit may be applicable based on the discretion of RCOM Credit Services.

Activating your handheld:

Activate ISD service on your phone for international roaming.
Switch off and then switch on the CDMA/ GSM handset to roam on GSM partner networks.

Roaming with BlackBerry CDMA devices - 8703e/8130/8330

To use international roaming facility you need to have ISD service activated on your phone.

International voice and data roaming on BlackBerry CDMA handsets 8703e/8130/8330 is available on CDMA networks only

Using CDMA phones while roaming:

Just switch off and switch on your CDMA handset and enjoy roaming on CDMA partner networks.
Dialing Plan while Roaming on CDMA networks
Dialing within the visited country
To Landline < National access code> <Area code> < Telephone number>
To Mobile < National access code> < Mobile number>
Dialing outside the visited country
To Landline < International access code><Country code> <area code> <telephone number>
To Mobile < International access code><Country code> < Mobile number>

For example, while calling from US, To call your fixed line number in Mumbai please dial "011 91 22 <your home phone number>"

Network- CDMA

Example USA Operators Activation – Process
  Voice Verizon Post International Roaming activation request given to the customer care – the customer needs to download the preferred roaming list ( PRL ) on your handset by sending “PRL“ as an SMS to 53733 and then dialing *228. This process will enable the customers to roam on CDMA partner networks. Please note PRL should be downloaded at least 24 hours before departure.








Voice roaming

For details on international CDMA voice roaming, refer to roaming

Data roaming

Customers will be charged Rs.5.37 per 10KB of usage for Verizon USA. This tariff is indicative & subject to change without notice by the visited operator.
 Call forward charges from India to roaming country will apply in case of incoming calls.
 Tariff mentioned above is exclusive of 'surcharge', currently at 15% of the total usage and service tax.
 The above mentioned tariff is exclusive of VAT and other taxes chargeable by the visited operator.
 Actual call rates is subject to change and updated rates will be available in website.
Call 1800 3000 8989 from
any phone or * 389
from your RELIANCE Blackberry


While Roaming
Call +91 22 30338989

*(toll free) when called from India.

*International Long distance charges applicable when dialed from abroad.