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Wireless Internet
I am experiencing slow internet connectivity on my data card.
Following tips will come in handy if you are experiencing a slow internet connection:

  • Delete temporary internet files.
  • Disable the firewall of operating system (if anti-virus is installed).
  • Check signal strength of phone.
  • Check for virus, spyware and any other malicious programmes on your desktop/laptop.
  • Reinstall the phone’s modem driver.
When connecting, operating system indicates connection as busy.
This may be because the driver is not installed correctly or a different modem is currently used.Remove the data card and reinstall client software. Re-insert data card & try again.

  • Confirm that the modem driver is installed correctly in the device manager.
The dialer software reports either ‘Not In Service’ or it reports only 1 or 2 bars of signal.
Ensure that the USB modem is plugged properly in the USB port. Close the software and re- launch it. If the card is still unable to pick up a valid signal, then it means that the coverage is poor.
While connecting, operating system indicates that it cannot connect to remote computer.
Check for the following:

  • Confirm that data service is enabled.
  • Set network parameters as per the operator offer.
  • Uninstall other dialling programmes or restore operating system so that there is no conflict with any other dialling application.
  • Upgrade to latest client software.
  • Try to change position as CDMA signal may be too weak.  
  • Pull out the antenna.
After sometime my Notebook automatically shuts down showing the message “Windows NT      authority error, remote procedure call, your windows will shut down in -----”
This is a case of the Blast virus. Visit the following website and take the recommended action:;en-us;826955.If the problem persists, get your PC checked.
After attempting to make a connection in dialer software, the status window indicates: “There      was no answer.”
Ensure that each of the phone, user name and password fields have been filled in accurately.
I am able to make calls and send SMS, but I cannot connect to the network.
Your modem driver is not installed correctly. You need to reinstall the client software, insert your data card and connect.
The connection auto-disconnects after being connected to the network for 3 to 5 minutes.
The required service pack has not been installed in the operating system. You need:

  • Service Pack 4 for Windows 2000 OS.
  • Service Pack 2 for Windows XP OS.
How to create a new network setting?
  • Enter [Setting / Network Connection Settings].
  • Click<new>button.
  • Input name in <Profile Name>.
  • Input information as required.
  • Click <Save> to finish.
Understanding common error messages

An unknown error occurred.

Restart your computer to make sure that all recent configuration changes have taken effect.

An internal authentication error occurred.
Restart your computer to make sure that all recent configuration changes have taken effect.

This is a modem related error.

Kindly remove the data card and reinsert it and check in dialer software window that the dialing number or phone number type is #777.
If yes, restart PC/Laptop and connect again.
If all above fails, uninstall and re-install driver. To uninstall data card software- Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel. Open Add or Remove Programs. Select the program of data card from the list & click on Remove to uninstall the data card. To install datacard software - Run the setup file of data card software from the CD & follow the instructions.

This is an authentication error.
Check whether the username and password are entered and are correct.

A PPP conversation started, but terminated because the remote computer did not respond within an appropriate time.

Uninstall and re-install driver and try after sometime.
To uninstall datacard software:

  • Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel. Open Add or Remove Programs. Select the program of data card from the list & click on Remove.

To install data card software:

  • Run the setup file of data card software from the CD & follow the instructions.

A PPP conversation was attempted, but the remote computer did not respond.

Uninstall and re-install driver.
To uninstall data card software:

  • Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel. Open Add or Remove Programs. Select the program of data card from the list & click on Remove.

To install data card software:

  • Run the setup file of data card software from the CD & follow the instructions.
What is Internet.Org?
Ans- It’s a website that is jointly launched by Reliance & Facebook in India, having a host of Free Services /websites which are FREE of Charge to Reliance Customers. Some of the services are Facebook, OLX, News, Cricinfo, Weather updates, Job Search, and many more.
Is Internet.Org service available for all Reliance Customers?
Ans- Initially the service is available only in 6 circles: Gujarat, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala & Tamil Nadu/Chennai for Reliance customers (Prepaid & Postpaid GSM & Prepaid CDMA only)
Does the customer need to buy any Data or special pack to avail of benefit?
Ans- No. Reliance Prepaid GSM/CDMA & Postpaid GSM Customers do not require to buy any special pack to use the service. is Free of Charge to Reliance GSM Prepaid & Postpaid and Reliance CDMA Prepaid users in the 6 circles (GJ, MH, MU, AP, KL, TN/CH)
Is this service available to Reliance GSM Postpaid customers?
Ans: Yes. Postpaid GSM customers of Reliance can use for FREE. For Postpaid CDMA customers however the service is NOT Free.
What all Free services are covered under
Ans: Free services include the following: Free News on sites like Times of India, NDTV and Aaj Tak, etc. Cricket updates on Cricinfo, Job search, Weather updates, Train and flight schedules, dictionary service, Language Translator, Health related Information, Daily horoscope & astrology, OLX, Wikipedia & much more. Facebook is also available for Free.
Is there an app available for Smartphones?
Ans: App is available only for Android smartphones as of now. However, everyone can use the website for FREE. Android users can download the app from Google Play Store.
Is this service available for all subscribers?
Ans: Currently, has been rolled out for 6 circles: Gujarat, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu/Chennai for Reliance GSM Prepaid & Postpaid, and for Reliance CDMA Prepaid. For the other circles, the service will be rolled out soon.
Are there any charges at all in
Ans: No. has Zero Charges. Reliance GSM Prepaid/Postpaid & CDMA Prepaid customers will NOT be charged for using this site.
Is also available for Postpaid users?
Ans: Yes, it is available for Reliance GSM Postpaid users. But it’s NOT available for Reliance CDMA Postpaid users.
Is Internet.Org available across India for all circles?
Ans: It is currently only available in 6 circles for Reliance customers (GSM Prepaid/Postpaid & CDMA Prepaid). The 6 circles are: GJ, MH, MU, AP, KL, TN/CH
What will happen to the Data Pack user’s Data Quota when he uses
Ans: For Prepaid GSM & CDMA Users, there will be NO depletion from their Data Quota or from Main Account balance on using Postpaid GSM Users will also NOT be charged for However, for Postpaid customers that have a Data Quota, even though their Data Quota will not deplete, but on PCRF this usage will be accounted for.
Is also available Free of charge for Reliance CDMA users?
Ans: For CDMA Prepaid users, it is Free of charge. But is NOT available for CDMA Postpaid usres.
What all is covered under free usage?
Ans: ALL the sites and services that are listed and hosted in the website are FREE of charge for customers. Customers can browse and use the complete sites, except for few sites where photos & videos are disabled. Also, if the customer clicks on a link that directs him to a different website which is outside of hosted sites, then he will be given a prompt with the message informing him that he is stepping out of the Free website and informed that will be charged as per his data tariff.
Is the App download also FREE?
Ans: No. Download charges for the Internet.Org App will NOT be Free.
I am using app/site, but still got charged for Data. Why?
Ans: usage is NOT Charged and is completely Free of charge. However if the customer gets charged for data, the reason for charging could be one of the following:
  1. Customer clicked on a link which is outside the listed sites (eg.a external link to other sites)
  2. Customer’s smartphone has some applications running in the background, utilizing data
  3. Customer clicks on pictures or videos, where he is advised that it is chargeable as per his data tariff
Will Reliance Netconnect subscribers also be able to use this facility?
Ans: Currently is made available for Mobile users i.e. small screen, big screen is currently out of scope
The App is not available in the Google Play Store (We tried doing at our end)
Ans: is available through Google play store, this was made available at 3 PM on 10th Feb'15.
We tried searching it via PC, wherein it gives an error as “This app is incompatible with all of           your devices” refer below snapshot.
Ans: Pls refer revert on Q.16
Can a non Reliance user download this App?
Ans: YES, but it will only work for Reliance users for the 6 circles. Currently this services is with single operator in India i.e. Reliance
Can Windows & Apple (IOS) users download this App?
Ans: Currently app is not support on iOS and Windows platforms. Only Android app is currently available for
What will happen if a customer does not download the App & directly surfs FB or any other sites       (from the list shared), will he be charged for the same?
Ans: Customer can access these free links thru to get free benefits as we are providing basic services free through link. In case customer surfs FB/other sites directly he will be charged.
Can a non Reliance customer use the App & the benefits free of cost?
Ans: No currently the tie up is only with RCOM and no other service provider in India will be able to use these services (neither free nor chargeable)
Can a Reliance user use the list of sites without downloading the App directly from the      Internet.Org website?
Ans: Yes
Will a user be charged to surf on Internet.Org website directly?
Ans: All the links under will be Free. Please note we provide free basis services thru each link under, incase customer chooses to use more than basic services he will receive charging alert on his handset.
Do we provide our InstaCare App free to our subscribers via this? If not just a suggestion we           may provide InstaCare free with this.
Ans: No currently we do not have the InstaCare App on the partner list of free services
Is available for iPhone & iPad?
Ans: Yes. iPhone/iPad can access
NOTE: List of Preferred Browsers supporting Free Facebook Fridays is shared below. Be advised that UC Browser is NOT supported.
  1. Chrome
  2. Internet Explorer
  3. Mozilla Firefox
  4. Opera / Opera Mini
  5. Android Browser
  6. Dolphin
  7. Samsung Native Browser
  8. Nokia Native Browser

(List of Free Services on

Category Free Service
Communication Facebook
Information Manorama
Education Jagran Josh
Entertainment ESPN cricinfo
Entertainment NDTV
Entertainment Astrology
Finance BabaJob
Finance OLX
Finance Reuters Market Lite
Finance TimesJobs
Government AP Speaks
Health Malaria No More
Health Facts for Life (Unicef)
Health Social Blood
Information Bing Search (Microsoft)
Information Aaj Tak
Information AccuWeather
Information Amar Ujala
Information BBC News
Information IBN Live
Information Daily Bhaskar
Information Cleartrip
Information Jagran
Information Maalai Malar
Information Maharasta Times
Information Newshunt
Information India Today
Information Times of India
Information Translator
Information wikiHow
Information Wikipedia
Information Reliance: 'Basics of Internet'
Women BabyCenter & MAMA
Women Nike Foundation (Girl Effect)
Women UN Women (iLearn)
Entertainment Hungama Music
Entertainment Network 18


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Our endeavor is to resolve your complaints at your first point of contact, however if you are not satisfied with resolution provided by our Complaint Cell, you can register your appeal with the appellate authority in your circle in writing along with the Complaint number provided by the Complaint cell for resolution. The complaint will be resolved within 33 days from the date of filling written appeal with the Appellate Authority

Operation hours: Monday to Saturday between 9.30a.m. to 6.00p.m. (Excluding public holidays, 1st & 3rd Saturday and national holidays).

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