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What is Broadband?
 “Broadband is an always-on data connection that is able to support interactive services including internet access and has the capability of the minimum download speed of 256 kbps to an individual subscriber from the POP of the service provider. The interactive services exclude any services for which a separate license is specifically required, for example, real-time voice transmission, except to the extent that it is presently permitted under ISP license with Internet Telephony.”(As per Broadband Policy 2004)
What is the difference between dial-up and broadband?




Key benefit


Limited speeds of upto 58 Kbps

High speeds of upto 1 Mbps.

Enhances  experience

Talk n Surf

Telephone line required to use the internet

No need to engage your telephone line to use the internet.

Talk while you surf


To use the internet you have to dial and wait for connectivity

Instant connectivity when you need it.

Saves time and increases productivity


During peak hours you get disconnected and have to dial again. At times the telephone lines are blocked so you are not able to dial.

No such hassles of line dropping or blocked telephone lines.

Easy to connect


Rs. 10-15 per hour (including telephone pulse)

Rs. 15 per hour onwards. Also MB based usage available

Superior experience at same cost


E-mail, chat, browsing, but not suitable for high-speed applications

With high speeds you can download heavy data files at superspeeds. Download movies, songs, feature-rich games, video messages and more.

Faster downloads, saves time and money

What are the applications of Broadband?
Internet solutions

  • Faster access/surfing of information
  • Faster download of email and huge files

Audio solutions – Audio on Demand (AoD)

  • Request and listen to any type of songs, information
  • Listen to various radio channels

Video solutions – Video on Demand (VOD)

  • Watch movies at own convenience
  • Record multiple channels / programmes and view at your convenience
  • View wide variety of television content  - single view, multiple view

Communication solutions

  • Video conferencing 
  • E-mail on PC
  • Chat on PC
What are the various tariff plans available from Reliance?
Reliance BroadNet tariff plans empower you to control your speeds and spends. Click here to view all our tariff plans.
Is the connection secure?
Reliance BroadNet offers direct connectivity to the internet and it is recommended that you secure your PC.
Is anti-virus or firewall software bundled or provided by Reliance?
Yes, Reliance is the only ISP in India to bundle an anti-virus pack with every connection – offered in conjunction with F-secure, India’s leading PC security solutions provider.
Are there any tools available to control usage by children?
The advanced version of Reliance PC Protect comes with a parental control feature – at an additional cost of only Rs 70 per month.
What are the subscription charges for Reliance PC Protect?
For plan details Click here.
How do I subscribe to Reliance PC Protect?
To subscribe to Reliance PC Protect, contact Reliance Customer Care.
What are the features of Reliance PC Protect service?
On subscription to this service, you will receive the Reliance PC Protect Internet Security software package. For more information, click here.
Is Reliance PC Protect available for prepaid customers?
Currently this service is available only for Reliance Broadnet postpaid customers.
What is the minimum duration for service contract?
Minimum service contract duration is 1 month.
Are there any rules governing internet access?
Please refer the Acceptable User Policy (AUP) for more details. Click here for details
Can I shift my Reliance BroadNet to another location?
Shifting of service location will be subject to availability of service at new location – at shifting charges of Rs. 500/- per service per shift.
What are the advantages of Reliance BroadNet?
  • Bonus bandwidth - You get an additional bandwidth with every Reliance BroadNet plan i.e. 300 Kbps VS 256 Kbps.
  • Bundled anti-virus - We are the only ISP in India to bundle an Anti-Virus with every connection. In addition, this pack has anti-spam and firewall.
  • No Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) rental.
How do I apply for the connection?



For Wired Internet:

For assistance / information regarding Reliance broadband & voice services call 30337777 or 1800 3000 7777 (Toll Free) or 198 (Toll Free for grievance redressal & reachable only from Reliance Landline phone)

Our endeavor is to resolve your complaints at your first point of contact, however if you are not satisfied with resolution provided by our Complaint Cell, you can register your appeal with the appellate authority in your circle in writing along with the Complaint number provided by the Complaint cell for resolution. The complaint will be resolved within 33 days from the date of filling written appeal with the Appellate Authority

Operation hours: Monday to Saturday between 9.30a.m. to 6.00p.m. (Excluding public holidays, 1st & 3rd Saturday and national holidays).

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For Wired Internet:


Write to us

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