My Best Plan

My Best Plan. Surfing made faster, bills made lower!

Surf unlimited. Bid goodbye to bill shocks.

With My Best Plan, you won’t need to worry about either pre-calculating your usage or staying within it! Neither will you have to browse through various confusing data plans to find what works for you!

Bundled Usage
Billed amounts (Rs)
Up to 1000 MB
Greater than 1000 MB, up to 6000 MB
250 + 20p/MB for usage above 1000 MB
Greater than 6000 MB (speeds throttled)*

* After 6000MB of data is consumed at broadband speeds, unlimited browsing is available at speeds up to 64 Kbps on the 3G dongle & at 144 Kbps on the 3.1 Mbps dongle at no extra charges.

Why My Best Plan?

  • Pay for only what you use: No more paying exorbitant rentals for going over your usage limit.

  • Lowest Bill Guaranteed: This plan automatically adapts to your usage pattern and charges the lowest bill amount possible.

  • No Bill Shocks: Maximum bill amount capped at Rs. 1250 + tax so no matter how high your usage, there will be no bill shocks.

  • Overage charges as low as 20p per MB

  • Fixed rental as low as Rs. 250 with 1000 MB bundled usage.

This plan makes life very easy for you by eliminating the confusion while selecting the right plan, all you need is to do is just subscribe to this plan. No data constraints, no bill shocks, no more confusion.