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Freebasics Service is available for all GSM (Postpaid/Prepaid) & CDMA (Prepaid) Mobile Customers in Mumbai, Maharashtra & Goa, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Chennai, and Kerala regions. Note that this service is for only Mobile device users.

Freebasics is a service jointly launched by Reliance & Facebook in India, having a host of Free Services/websites which are Free of Charge for Reliance Customers.

Steps for first time Users:

  • Go to freebasics using mobile web browser.
  • Customer will be presented with the language selection page where choice of language can be selected. By default, the regional language will be selected. Customer can opt for other languages by clicking '+' button on the page.
  • Click "Continue" to get to the main page of freebasics, with "Free Services" & "Reliance" sections displayed in the choice of language.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Customer can also download the freebasics app (only available on android currently), from the Google Play store. However the one time data downloading charges of the freebasics android app is NOT free. Customer will be charged as per his data tariff. Alternately, customer can go to freebasics to access the site to avoid the one-time app download charge.
  • Minimum balance of 20 paise is required in case of Prepaid Customers. Customer can be charged if his Smartphone has some applications running in the background, utilizing data.
  • Customer will get free Service for, without subscribing to any data pack/plan:
  1. Using the application, Customer can access Facebook, Free News on sites like Aaj Tak, etc. Cricket updates on Cricinfo, Job search on sites like BabaJob, Weather updates on Accuweather, Train and flight schedules on Dictionary service, Language Translator, Health related Information, Daily horoscope & Astrology, OLX, Wikipedia & much more. Refer the list of Free Services on freebasics at the end.

  2. List of Preferred Browsers:Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, Android Browser, Dolphin, Samsung Native Browser & Nokia Native Browser. Note that UC browser is not supported.

  3. If Customer is subscribed to Data Plan/Packs when he uses freebasics, then for Prepaid GSM & CDMA Users, there will be NO depletion from their data quota or from Main Account balance on using freebasics. For Postpaid GSM Users will NOT be charged for freebasics & their data quota will not deplete, but on PCRF this usage will be accounted for.

  4. Charges will be applicable as per data plan/ pack, if Customer:

    1. Accessing from CDMA Mobile Postpaid or 3G/ Reliance 3/Pro 3 Dongle then he will be charged.

    2. Clicks on a link that directs to a different website, outside of freebasics hosted sites, then he will get a prompt with the message informing him that he is stepping out of the Free website.

    3. Clicks on pictures or videos, where he is advised that it is chargeable as per his data tariff.

    4. Smartphone has some applications running in the background, utilizing data.

    5. Surfs Facebook or any other free sites directly instead of going through freebasics.

  5. Points to be noted:

    1. If accessed from other than Mobile, then user may get error as "This App is incompatible with your device".

    2. Currently iOS & Windows mobile app are not available. User may access the service through browser only.

    3. Free basic services are available through each link under freebasics and in case Customer chooses to use more than basic services he will receive charging alert on his handset before proceeding.

List of Free Services on freebasics

Category Free Service
Social Networking Facebook
Social Networking Facebook Messenger
Career Jagran Josh
Entertainment Astrology
Entertainment Hungama
Government AP Speaks
Health Malaria No More
Health Facts for Life (Unicef)
Health Social Blood
Health BabyCenter & MAMA
Information Reuters Market Lite
Information Aaj Tak
Information AccuWeather
Information Amar Ujala
Information BBC News
Information IBN Live
Information Daily Bhaskar
Information Jagran
Information Maalai Malar
Information Maharasta Times
Information Translator
Information wikiHow
Information Wikipedia
Information Basics of Internet
Jobs BabaJob
Search Bing Search
Shopping OLX
Sports ESPN Cricinfo
Women Empowerment Nike Foundation (Girl Effect)
Women Empowerment UN Women (iLearn)

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