1. What is the special offer on iPhone 5S and 5C on Reliance
2. Can I get an iPhone 5S/5C from you on the CDMA network?
3. Is this offer applicable on MNP As well?
4. Is the handset locked to Reliance services or can I use any other SIM?
5. What happens if I buy the iPhone 5S/5C bundled offer and then I move to another operator in the next 24 months?
6. What does the postpaid plan have?
7. What is the data speed I will get?
8. Will I get unlimited free usage while roaming as well?
9. Will I get a bill every month?
10. Will I need to pay any security deposit for activation of ISD services?
11. Will this plan work, if I change my handset anytime within 24 months?
12. Can I buy this offer without the EMI will full down payment?
13. How can I make the payment if I want to buy without EMI?
14. Is there a fair usage policy when you say Unlimited?
15. I want to avail the plan and I do not have 3G network in my state?
16. Is the offer available on select iPhone models or across all models?
17. Is the EMI offer available only on Credit cards?
19. What all Credit Cards are accepted under this offer?
20. Is the EMI offer available with Standing Instructions to Bank A/c / PDC
21. For some reason, if Iam unable to use the handset / offer for couple of days or weeks, will there be any extension in the unlimited usage duration from 24 months.
22. What will be the monthly rental after 24 months? Will there be any security deposit (local/ ILD/ Roaming) applicable after 24 months?
23. Is there a fair usage policy for SMS as per TRAI guidelines?

FAQ on Acquisitions

24. I am a new Reliance customer. How much time will you take to activate this offer?
25. Is this offer available for existing Reliance customers or also for new & existing customers?
26. I am an existing Reliance GSM customer and I want to buy a new iPhone with the bundled plan. How much time will it take to change the plan?
27. Where all can I get this offer?
28. I have purchased an iPhone 5C/5S from outside. Can I avail the Reliance offer?
29. Is there an interest cost involved?
31. What are the features of iPhone 5S?
32. What are the features of iPhone 5 C?
33. If there is a problem with my iPhone what do I do?
34. Can I purchase the product/bundled offer online also?
35. Do I get any discount on online purchase?
36. Will I get a purchase confirmation for my online purchase?
37. How much time will it take to deliver the handset if I purchase the offer online??
38. How will you activate my SIM if I make the purchase online?
39. How do I track my shipment and know the details of my purchase
40. Is there a help line number I can contact or speak with for any queries on online purchase
41. What happens if I receive the handset I have purchase online in a non working condition
  • Unlimited 3G Internet
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Unlimited Roaming
  • Unlimited Texting