With almost 200,000 route km of fiber optic cable in India, our national long distance network is one of the largest communication networks in India. The network is designed and deployed for maximum reliability in ring and mesh architecture.

This network is seamlessly integrated with our expansive global network powered by multiple subsea cable systems.

Backbone Network
The Reliance Backbone Transport Network is powered by next-generation OTN technology capable of supporting large bandwidth requirements.
  • Connects the length and breadth of India through multiple 100Gbps/40Gbps/10Gbps mesh architecture links
  • Mesh architecture using ASON/ASTN technologies in the NLD transport backbone, distributed over 350+ strategic locations across India, to provide protection from multiple cuts
  • Express route for low latency connectivity between key cities in India
Access Network
The Access Network makes our services virtually ubiquitous in the country, reaching out to the corners of cities as well as the hinterland, with a wide variety of last-mile options.
  • Built on the dual-technology architecture: DWDM based and Ethernet-based
  • DWDM based transport access network technology capable of delivering high capacity links
  • MEF 3.0 compliant Metro Ethernet Network (MEN) capable of delivering scalable and cost-effective connectivity choices up to 10 Gbps
  • Multiple last mile options including fiber, RF, and 4G
  • Fiber reaches out to over a million buildings (FTTB) in the country (primarily office buildings)
  • Direct connectivity to major data centers in the country (not just our own) and Public Clouds
Network Operations Centre (NOC)
The Mumbai-based NOC monitors and manages global network elements to maintain optimal network operations across a variety of platforms, mediums and communications systems. This is a 24x7x365 manned infrastructure for monitoring and supporting both Reliance & its customers’ network Infrastructure.

The NOC is manned by highly qualified, trained and experienced professionals, and backed by one of the best engineering teams in the world. The Managed Services Operations Centre (MSOC) is carved out of the National Network Operations Centre to provide proactive Managed Network Services to Enterprise and Government customers.

Powered by this robust and reliable network, our enterprise customers confidently and cost-effectively incorporate leading-edge technologies and capabilities into their own networks. Many other telecom service providers also utilize connectivity and bandwidth from Reliance for their core network, and rely on our backbone to offer their services. This makes our network truly a Network of Networks.

Key Design Principles of Reliance India Network

  • Extensive geographical coverage in India
  • High capacity
  • Scalable
  • High Availability & Resiliency