Investor Relations

Corporate Governance

Organisations, like individuals, depend for their survival, sustenance and growth on the support and goodwill of the communities of which they are an integral part, and must pay back this generosity in every way they can… This ethical standpoint, derived from the vision of our founder, lies at the heart of the CSR philosophy of the Reliance Group.

While we strongly believe that our primary obligation or duty as corporate entities is to our shareholders – we are just as mindful of the fact that this imperative does not exist in isolation; it is part of a much larger compact which we have with our entire body of stakeholders: From employees, customers and vendors to business partners, eco-system, local communities, and society at large.

We evaluate and assess each critical business decision or choice from the point of view of diverse stakeholder interest, driven by the need to minimise risk and to pro-actively address long-term social, economic and environmental costs and concerns.

For us, being socially responsible is not an occasional act of charity or that one-time token financial contribution to the local school, hospital or environmental NGO. It is an ongoing year-round commitment, which is integrated into the very core of our business objectives and strategy.

Code of Conduct

Reliance Group continually reviews corporate governance best practices to ensure that they reflect global developments. It takes feedback into account, in its periodic reviews of the guidelines to ensure their continuing relevance, effectiveness and responsiveness to the needs of local and international investors and other stakeholders.

Our code of conduct and business policies encompass the following areas:

  • Values and commitments
  • Code of ethics
  • Business policies
  • Ethics management
  • Prevention of sexual harassment
  • Policy on insider trading

To read the complete Code of Conduct, click here.

To read the policy on Prevention Of Sexual Harassment (POSH) click here.

Whistleblower policy

This policy is formulated to provide mechanism to employees to approach the Audit Committee of the Company and disclose unethical and improper practices or any other alleged wrongful conduct in the Company and to prohibit managerial personnel from taking any adverse personnel action against those employees. To read the complete Whistle Blower Policy click here.