We offer fully toll-free (1800 series) and local charge only (1860 series) numbers that work pan India, backed by a feature-rich service specially designed for the digital age. This gives your customers, prospects and even employees a convenient way to connect with your office, call center or helpdesk from anywhere in India.

Designed for the digital age

The Digital Age is all about new possibilities and doing more with less. Reliance Toll-Free Service—working on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)—puts a bouquet of advanced features at your disposal. As your business grows, this service keeps pace with your dynamic needs without you having to change numbers.

Advanced call routing options

Leveraging Reliance’s Intelligent Network (IN) Platform, this service gives you advanced call routing options based on various parameters (origin, time, load-sharing) to suit your business needs. For example, a company can choose to divert all calls from the northern region to one call center and those from the southern region to another call center.

The sip advantage

Since this service uses SIP, it offers many unique advantages. For instance, multiple toll-free numbers can be mapped to a single SIP Trunk number and the toll-free number that the caller has dialled can be automatically determined from the SIP Header UUI message. You can choose a queue volume without making any extra investments, thus making sure that every incoming call is answered, even when resources are limited. The rich feature set lends itself remarkably well to diverse applications. See ‘Key Features’ for a detailed list of features.

End-to-end solution

Reliance SIP Toll-Free Service, along with the Enterprise Voice solution (e.g., SIP Trunk, E1 PRI, Centrex, IP Centrex) that delivers the call to your Enterprise or your call center, not only gives you a unique toll-free identity across the country, but also offers you the one-stop-shop advantage for an end-to-end solution.

  • Intelligent Routing: Routing options based on parameters like origin, time, load-sharing; PIN authentication for enhanced call management
  • Resource Optimization: Failover routing for redundancy, Sequential or Simultaneous Ringing, Network Queuing without needing extra channels
  • Network IVR: Prompt & Collect Routing, Welcome Announcement, Event-triggered Announcements
  • SIP Advantage: Additional information in SIP headers for effective CTI implementation, Short Calls instead of Unanswered Calls for better reliability
  • Real-time Configuration: Full-fledged self-care portal to manage functions online (e.g., real-time routing, changing the default routing numbers, etc.) and for MIS (e.g., CDRs, missed calls, etc.)
  • Premium Feature
    Proactive Monitoring: Automated real-time monitoring of toll-free number uptime, automatic raising of trouble ticket in case of outage
  • Single number identity for your brand that helps in simplifying communication (advertisements, websites, Marketing collateral, etc.) and makes it easy for people to reach your business
  • Extends your brand identity to the telephone number which can be chosen to include your brand name (e.g., 1800-40-YOURBRAND)
  • Unmatched flexibility in choosing toll-free numbers to reflect your brand (8-13 digits, largest inventory of toll-free numbers spread across 16 operator codes)
  • Easy management and configuration
  • Can also be used for enabling convenient access to company helpdesks (e.g., Travel, IT, etc.) by employees