Access Number Services

International Toll-Free Service

If yours is a business that taps into markets outside India, the challenge of establishing a line of communication with your international audience comes to the fore.

Make it easy

Can your international customers connect as easily with you as those in India? If somebody in New York has a query about your services, would it be expensive for her to talk to somebody at your call center in Gurgaon? If your employees in other countries want to call helpdesks in India, how easy is it for them to do so?

Reliance International Toll-Free Service provides simple answers to questions like the ones above. With this service, you can make it easy for people in more than 100 countries—customers, leads, associates, employees—to call your office(s) / call center(s) in India, without the callers having to spend any money.

  • Convenience of centralized ordering and support for toll-free numbers in 100+ countries as well as Voice connectivity in India
  • Ease of payment: Single bill across countries, pay in INR, no need to pay in forex
  • Real-time visibility of available numbers through the number management portal
  • Intelligent routing options (powered by the IN platform)—based on parameters like time of day, day of week, load balancing, etc.—for enhanced call management
  • Easy management: Full-fledged self-care portal to manage functions online (e.g., real-time routing, changing the default routing no., etc.) and for MIS (e.g., CDRs, missed calls, etc.)
  • Pooling of free usage of all Reliance Wireline Voice services across locations