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Similar Board Number Service

Organizations with a countrywide customer base often face the challenge of providing their customers an easy way to connect telephonically with their business. Even when they manage to provide local number access to their customers, a different number for each city/region not only makes communication cumbersome but also makes it difficult for customers since they have to dial a different number each time they are in a different city.

Be more accessible

With Reliance Similar Board Number, a company can have uniform local board numbers across the country 8-digit as well as 7-digit formats depending on the region. For instance, it can have 022-394XX555 in Mumbai, 011-394XX555 in Delhi, 033-394XX555 in Chennai, 0141-394XX55 in Jaipur, etc. Customers thus get local call access to the brand.

Reliance Similar Board Number continues to serve many of India’s finest brands, including some of the largest banks in the public as well as private sector, quick service restaurant (QSR) chains, DTH providers, etc.

  • Communication about your contact number becomes very simple
  • Flexibility of routing the calls to a centralized location or distributed offices / call centers
  • Cost efficient for companies as well as callers: In case of calls getting routed outside local area, call charges are split between the company and the callers (who pay local call charges)
  • Real-time visibility of available numbers through the number management portal
  • Your number remains reserved for you nationally even when you take the service in just a few cities—a big advantage for companies that have plans for future expansion
  • Makes Marketing campaigns more effective by making the response mechanism easy and less expensive
  • Pooling of free usage of all Reliance Wireline Voice services across locations
  • Enhances your brand’s customer friendliness