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Universal International Freephone Number

With Reliance Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN) Service, you get a single toll-free number that people in more than 50 countries can dial to reach your business without incurring any call charges.


For example, if your UIFN is 800 73XX XX23, the same number would work in all these countries. Callers would just have to add their country's exit code before the UIFN (e.g., callers in USA would dial 011 800 73XX XX23, those in UK would dial 00 800 73XX XX23, and so on).

Calls to the UIFN can be terminated at one or more international locations of your choice (e.g., Contact Center, Audio Bridge, Back Office, Regional Headquarters, etc.). Communication about your contact number gets really simple with this solution since you can advertise globally using just one number in your communication.

When a call originates, our partner carrier in the originating country routes the call to Reliance's global carrier-class network. The call is then routed to your chosen international location(s).
  • Makes it easy to extend your services across the world
  • Gives your business a uniform numeric identity across the world, makes Marketing easier (single number to advertise globally)
  • Service availability in 50+ countries and flexibility to terminate the call in almost 200 countries
  • Real-time visibility of available numbers through the number management portal
  • Your number remains reserved for you internationally even when you take the service in just a few countries—a big advantage for companies that have plans for future expansion
  • Intelligent routing options (powered by the IN platform) to carry calls to different destinations based on Time of Day, Day of Week or Date of Year