Business Internet


About a fifth of the world’s Internet traffic travels on our IP network. With Reliance Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), your enterprise has the distinct advantage of this network that has its presence across the world’s major Content Hubs, Internet Exchanges and Public Clouds.

One of the world’s largest IP networks

Powered by one of the world’s largest IP networks, seamlessly integrated with a resilient terrestrial network in India, Reliance DIA provides seamless access to Web content across the globe and enables content owners to deliver content efficiently to 100% Internet users (or ‘eyeballs’) in India within zero or minimal hops.

Reliance DIA

Also called Internet Leased Line by some— is ideal for enterprises in India that need office Internet for accessing the Web, running mission-critical applications on the Internet, managing their websites, etc. Global content providers and OTTs targeting the Internet user base in India can also derive significant benefits via this service.

  • Powered by an unparalleled global network combined with a resilient India network that connects global Content Hubs, Internet Exchanges and Public Clouds
  • Multiple international IP gateways in India
  • Wide range of bandwidth options from E1s to multiples of Gbps
  • Usage-based options like ‘burstable’ bandwidth with 95th percentile billing
  • Wide choice of access solutions, leased lines, Ethernet and wireless last mile
  • Online portal to monitor performance parameters
  • Bandwidth pooling option available across multiple customer locations in India
  • Available with Value-Added Services like DDoS Shield
  • Future-proof with IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • Enables enterprises to fully leverage the power of Digital Economy
  • Superlative user experience while accessing Web content globally
  • Enables content and OTT players to provide a rich experience to the rapidly booming Internet user base in India
  • Ensures business continuity even under demanding circumstances