Cloud Networking


The complete end-to-end managed SD-WAN & NFV solution with Hybrid WAN underlay connecting any site, anywhere. Powerful multi-function devices make the best use of Internet and MPLS connectivity in the enterprise network and make on-demand networking a reality.


Next-generation enterprise networks

Businesses are transforming.

Digital innovation is pushing network boundaries globally with omnichannel apps, over the top new media and mobility driving more and more processes and applications to the Cloud. But up to now, few enterprise networks have kept pace with innovation and advances in application and process virtualization.

Network infrastructure needs to keep up … or better still get ahead or else the journey to the Cloud could grind to a halt.

We have the answer.

CLOUD X WAN – SD-WAN with Network Function Virtualization built on the world’s leading global Hybrid WAN underlay network.

Flexibility, Agility, Cloud-centricity. All in a cost-effective package

CLOUD X WAN offers all the features you’ve come to expect from SD-WAN with NFV:

  • SD-WAN leveraging low-cost Internet and Hybrid WAN
  • Dynamic application-specific routing policies which adapt to network conditions in real-time
  • On-demand Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) from a range of industry-leading vendors running on powerful Virtual CPE (vCPE)
    • vRouter, vSecurity, vAdvance Security, vWANOp and many more
  • “Zero-touch” network provisioning of VNFs and services
  • Self-service and service transparency via a simple to use portal
  • Programmable, automatic service chaining between VNFs
  • Optional end-to-end Managed Service
Any site, anywhere

CLOUD X WAN is available globally leveraging our unrivaled capability and experience in providing Hybrid VPN networks built on both performance-guaranteed MPLS and low-cost Internet connectivity in almost any geography worldwide.

We can provide options in more than 200 countries globally, and if that’s not enough, if there’s other connectivity option available, we’ll integrate it.

With CLOUD X WAN gateways spread across the US, Europe, and Asia, even sites connected by broadband Internet can benefit from improved network performance across our vast MPLS network. And through CLOUD X Fusion we offer seamless Direct connectivity throughout the world into public Clouds like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud and Softlayer.

Choose an SD-WAN partner who knows Hybrid networks

We have unrivaled and unsurpassed pedigree in providing managed hybrid networks on a truly global scale having deployed hundreds of business-critical customer networks and hundreds of thousands of customer locations over the past 25 years.

No other provider knows hybrid networks like we do.

Now we are applying this expertise to SD-WAN.

Ultimate flexibility through application-level service claims

With CLOUD X WAN, the network can be programmed at an application level with VNFs sequenced on-the-fly through the customer portal as “service chains”. This means routing and network behavior policies can literally be set according to application and traffic type.

For example, a service chain can be defined for File Transfer traffic to use the vWANOp, vRouter and vSecurity (firewall) VNFs in sequence, whereas a different service chain can be defined for Web-browser traffic to use only the vRouter and vSecurity (firewall) VNFs.

Now that’s flexible networking.

Cloud X WAN


Ready your network for digital transformation and drive down the costs of branch connectivity

Secure Internet connectivity integrated seamlessly into the enterprise WAN

Digital transformation in the enterprise network has come to mean the widespread use of low-cost Internet for branch connectivity … or “Hybrid underlay”.

We have unrivaled experience in Hybrid VPN in the underlay network, leveraging low-cost Internet branch connections seamlessly integrated with our vast global MPLS core.

Put the Cloud at the heart of the network

By connecting users to your SD-WAN via low-cost Internet you effectively put the Cloud into the heart of your network. Network traffic bound for Cloud-hosted servers can “break out” locally on its route to the Cloud.

But if latency or security is a consideration, traffic can be encrypted and passed seamlessly into the Cloud data center via our secure high-performance MPLS network.


Drive down branch connectivity costs

The maxim “one-size-fits-all” should not apply to global networks. Not all users’ needs are the same and not all applications require performance guarantees.

Our Hybrid underlay allows you to seamlessly connect small branches or Cloud-centric users with low-cost Internet and large sites with users of latency-sensitive applications via MPLS.

Ready your network for software-defined networking

Even if you are not yet ready to take the plunge on “SD-WAN” you can start to prepare the foundations.

Our Hybrid VPN is precisely the underlay network you will need to implement when you are ready to transform from physical CPE and appliances to software-defined networking.

Why not take advantage of many of the benefits now?


Connect all users to a single global network

The Internet offers connectivity in almost any location, anywhere on the planet.

We have the supply-chain and know-how for connecting branch locations to their enterprise network in more than 200 countries worldwide through an array of connection types thanks to a track record stretching back almost 25 years.

No other provider can match that.

Cloud X WAN


Leave the management of your network to the experts. Hybrid VPNs built on rock solid service foundations.

End-to-end accountability
CLOUD X WAN is delivered through a full end-to-end managed service backed by SLAs guaranteeing delivery, availability and performance.


We act as an extension of your business, using our expert knowledge, systems and processes for:

  • Solution supply, testing, installation and configuration
  • Proactive assurance, change and service management
  • On-site equipment maintenance
  • Service reporting and proactive optimization advice

An award-winning service on a global scale

Managing complex global networks is not your core capability so why deflect resources and focus from the fundamental objectives of your business?

We have provided mission-critical managed WAN services including Hybrid VPN to multi-national enterprises for almost 30 years with the accolades to show for it.

And now we’re applying this expertise to SD-WAN.

Your network is critical to your business; so why not follow suit with hundreds of the world’s most recognizable brands and let us take care of it for you.


Peace of mind, 24 x 7

We understand what it means when users cannot connect over their network to their applications, or when a store opening is delayed because the network connection is late.

We pride ourselves in the fact that the service commitments we make are precisely that; commitments.

Our job is to provide our customers with a great service and peace of mind. That’s why we go to such lengths to design and provide custom-fit solutions, and then assure them with and end-to-end managed service, backed by meaningful and relevant SLAs.

Our customers are our strongest advocates

So unique, so outstanding is the service we provide, that our customers are our biggest advocates.

For us, the managed service is the very essence of how we enable our enterprise customers; it is at the heart of our business.

Many of the world’s leading brands rely upon us to provide and manage the connectivity without which their businesses cannot operate and when asked whether we do a good job, invariably answer with a resounding “yes”.


Flexible service models to match every solution

Every enterprise is unique. Their locations are widespread, their business processes are custom-fit, and the way they interact with customers and partners is different to all others.

And therefore our managed service is different.

We believe the managed service we provide should be tailored to our customers’ individual needs; whether this is in how we interface, how we report, where we report and even whether our teams are embedded in a customer’s operations.

Your business does not look like any other so why should your managed service?

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