A friendly phone call or a personalized message is often the best long-distance way to communicate but it turns into a challenge when you need to connect with many people simultaneously.

Personalized Calls and SMS

Combining automation with intelligent technology, Reliance AutoCall Notifier, powered by the Reliance Intelligent Telephony platform, enables you to design, customize and personalize your bulk messages. The messages can be sent out as calls or SMS, and can be scheduled to go out either in bulk or triggered by an event (e.g., transaction, missed call, etc.).

Reliance AutoCall Notifier not only helps you connect with a large audience simultaneously but also adds the warmth of personalization to your customer conversations.

  • Enables automatic mass notifications through telephone calls and/or SMS
  • Capability to automatically stitch together customized messages using static and dynamic information, convert these into sound files, and distribute these as personalized audio calls
  • Enables bulk dial-out as well as event-triggered dissemination
  • Option of live interaction and collection of audience data via responsive IVR
  • Brings the warmth of personalization to customer interactions
  • Makes information dissemination simple
  • Has the potential to turn cumbersome, error-prone manual activities into automated, error-free processes
  • Remarkable cost efficiency: No capex, no need to invest in a call center
  • Aids in building a professional, responsive image for your brand