Research has repeatedly shown that the chances of a lead maturing into a customer are significantly high in the first few minutes of the lead expressing interest in your offering. Reliance Insta CallBack, powered by the Reliance Intelligent Telephony platform, connects prospects to your sales representative as soon as they express an interest in your product/service.

How it works

For example, a visitor on your website gets interested in your offering, enters a contact number in an input box on the website, and presses the ‘Submit’ button. The intelligent platform immediately makes an automated call to your sales representative(s). The representative who takes the call is notified through an IVR message that there is a prospect interested in a product/service. As soon as your representative signals acceptance (by pressing a button on the dialpad), the lead is connected in the call.

You can also have leads place call-back requests through QR codes, SMS and missed calls.

  • Call-back requests by leads accepted through multiple modes (Web, SMS, QR code, Missed Call)
  • Call-back requests can be categorized and routed accordingly
  • Detailed MIS data on leads and sales representatives taking the calls for efficient lead management
  • Call recording option for monitoring quality of interactions
  • Significantly higher sales closures since interested prospects are contacted at their ‘moment of interest’
  • Remarkable cost efficiency: No capex, smaller businesses need not invest in a call center
  • Aids in building a professional, responsive image for your brand