Very often, on the other end of an incoming call, is a prospect waiting to be converted to a customer. However, not all businesses are able to treat incoming calls with the respect they deserve, in the absence of an effective inbound call handling system. Reliance Smart CallThrough, powered by the Reliance Intelligent Telephony platform, not only helps you handle each incoming call effectively, but also puts valuable data at your disposal for monitoring and improving business processes.

Complete visibility

With this service, you get Smart CallThrough numbers that can be mapped to real telephone numbers. Incoming calls pass through Smart CallThrough numbers, leaving behind a trace. You thus have complete visibility on call data for each Smart CallThrough number. Many companies that have representatives across the country—partners, dealers, branch personnel—use our Smart CallThrough numbers while advertising their products since it helps them track responses received by each representative.

  • Makes data available for each incoming call, including missed ones, separately for every Smart CallThrough number (Calling Number, Time, Duration, Outcome)
  • Calls can be routed to multiple representatives simultaneously or serially
  • Multiple Smart CallThrough numbers can be mapped to the same telephone number (thus automatically maintaining a record of different sources/contexts even though the calls are handled by the same set of people)
  • Recording option for interaction quality monitoring
  • Efficient and effective inbound call management
  • Better call outcome by enabling automatic context building for incoming calls (e.g., assigning a unique Smart CallThrough number to each product, customer category, dealer, etc.)
  • Better analysis, monitoring and improvement of business processes: Gives accurate and actionable information since call data for different channels is automatically captured centrally
  • Very useful in Sales & Marketing analyses, e.g., media effectiveness, campaign response, promotion effectiveness, preferences by segments, etc.
  • Remarkable cost efficiency: No capex, smaller businesses need not invest in a call center
  • Aids in building a professional, responsive image for your brand