Audio Conferencing

With Reliance Audio Conferencing, your employees get an easy tool to engage in productive interactions across regions and countries. Whether it’s a call with a few participants discussing a project or a large-scale event with thousands of participants, Reliance Audio Conferencing has solutions for every need.

Anytime Meeting

Suitable for quick meetings

  • Anytime access, no reservation required
  • Up to 125 participants
  • Easy scheduling through Outlook
  • Apps (iOS & Android) to attend meetings from smartphones & tablets (Instant bridge dial-out, inviting contacts & scheduling calls)
Automated Conference

Suitable for planned mini events like periodic reviews, department announcements, etc.

  • Reserve your conference and conduct it without any operator and with no port limits
  • Dynamic passcodes generated for every call for added security
  • Request operator assistance with the touch of a button on your telephone keypad
Event Call Conference – Managed Audio Conferencing

Suitable for large events and high visibility calls like all-hands calls, product launches, employee addresses, investor relations events, analyst calls, etc.

  • Reserve your conference and conduct it with the assistance of a dedicated operator
  • Option of IVR playback to participants dialling in to record their details (e.g., Name, Location, Employee Code, etc.)
  • Security from call tampering, call hijack, call control, call intrusion, etc.

Collaborate across borders

  • Gives you the ability to engage people across distances in a variety of formats, using a comprehensive suite of features
  • Suitable for all group sizes, from just a few to 5000 people
  • Option of blast dial-out and quick call entry with passcodes, thereby reducing hold times and ensuring quick & efficient entry for participants
  • Easy call scheduling and participant management using Online Call Manager and SmartMeet App: Email integration, View & Manage Participants (e.g., mute/unmute, meeting room lock/unlock, automatic redialing of dropped participants, etc.)
  • Comprehensive call features (e.g., Q&A, polling, chat, recording, streaming, transcription, etc.)
  • Makes it easy for people to participate through toll-free and toll numbers in 18 cities in India & toll-free access across 65 countries
  • Zero-Capex solution, offers the flexibility of pay-per-use
  • Quick activation: Service can be provisioned within 72 hrs
  • Enables better collaboration in the organization ecosystem, better productivity, increased savings