Data Center Services

Shared IT Infrastructure

Our Colocation customers have the advantage of ready access to a host of Shared IT Infrastructure offerings enabled by cutting-edge solutions deployed at our data centers. While these are primarily offered on shared stacks, the suite has stringent security measures in place to keep your data protected.


This comprehensive suite of offerings helps you derive the advantages of best-of-breed IT tools at a significantly low TCO, while making your Colocation strategy even more beneficial, flexible, scalable and future-proof.

Managed Hosting


Data Center space, relevant hardware, software, networking and security appliances, storage array, backup library, Internet bandwidth with optional value-added services for running any business applications.

  • Flexible solution-driven approach based on customer needs
  • Managed Services available
  • Plans customized to your requirements

Hosted Internet Bandwidth


Hosted Internet (dedicated as wells as traffic-based) riding on our high-performance network.

  • Powered by a resilient network that enables quick content upload and easy access to user eyeballs with minimal hops
  • Fully redundant network architecture
  • Proactive monitoring of Internet backbone
  • Multiple ISP presence at our data centers

Shared Managed Firewall + IPS


Fully integrated firewall with real-time network Intrusion Prevention providing proactive network perimeter security service on multi-tenant platform.

  • Leading-edge tool
  • Stateful inspection of incoming and outgoing traffic
  • Protects against network and application attacks
  • Security policy customization
  • Real-time comprehensive Intrusion Prevention
  • Enables network security with high performance

Shared Load Balancer


Load distribution across the enterprise’s servers hosted at our data center(s) running a common website or application(s) and health monitoring of servers through ICMP ping, TCP IP connections.

  • Supports multiple protocols and OS
  • Customized policies for load balancing (e.g., simple or weighted least connections, round robin, persistent connections)
  • Maximum connection threshold can be configured for each server
  • Delivers high availability and efficient traffic management

On-Demand Storage


Fully-managed, subscription-based storage service.

  • Enterprise-grade, resilient, secure SAN & Object Storage technology
  • Supports multi-protocol technologies like FCSAN, IPSAN and Object
  • Highly available, reliable and scalable storage infrastructure
  • Multiple subscription plans to meet customer needs

On-Demand Backup & Recovery


Enterprise-class backup and restoration service for servers, applications, databases hosted at our data centers and volumes created on our SAN storage.

  • Support for major operating environments and applications
  • Highly available, reliable and scalable infrastructure
  • Multiple subscription plans to meet customer needs
  • Addresses data protection challenges
  • Optimized performance and high uptime of your Colocated resources ensured by best-of-breed technology tools
  • Capex-free access to advanced IT infrastructure at a significantly low TCO
  • Freedom from technology obsolescence enabled by constantly evolving toolsets equipped to handle the challenges of the day and ensure optimum performance