Enterprise Voice


If you are looking for a telephony solution for your office(s) that gives you PBX-like functionality without having to buy a PBX, Reliance Centrex is ideally suited for your needs. It offers Carrier-grade reliability and scalability with the flexibility of choosing the number of lines, starting from 5 lines.


Besides doing away with the need to invest in PBX, Reliance Centrex also makes Voice Communications immensely cost-efficient, particularly for an organization with multiple offices in a city. Calls within the same Short Distance Charging Area (SDCA) are free and can be reached through short digit dialing (like in an intercom).

  • A rich suite of features for users to manage their communications: Call Forward, PIN lock, PIN-based Calling, Hunting, Do-Not-Disturb, Call Pickup from another number, just to name a few
  • Direct Inward Dialling (DID) and Direct Outward DIalling (DOD)
  • Pooling of free usage of all Reliance Wireline Voice services across locations
  • Single bill for all Reliance Wireline Voice services across locations
  • Attractive ISD plans enabled by our agreements with leading global telecom service providers
  • A wide bouquet of additional services available (Similar Board Number, SIP Toll-Free Service (India), Cloud Telephony, etc.) around your office telephony
  • Significant cost efficiency: No capex, no charges for calls within offices in the same SDCA
  • Offers scalability: Start with just 5 lines and scale up as your operations grow
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction and productivity: People get better control of their communications
  • Significant savings in telecom expenses enabled by features like pooling of free usage across locations