Enterprise Voice

IP Centrex

IP is playing a catalyst’s role in bringing about a unified, converged and easily manageable communications ecosystem. Enterprise Voice Communications, that has traditionally been TDM-centric, is set to wrap itself tightly around IP in the not-too-distant future. Reliance IP Centrex – India’s first hosted Enterprise IP telephony solution built around IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem)—offers a convenient gateway for enterprises of all sizes to enter this exciting and futuristic world of new possibilities.

An advantage

If you are setting up a new office or looking to upgrade your Enterprise telephony system, Reliance IP Centrex is the ideal choice that puts distinct advantages within your reach today, while getting you ready for the IP-centric world of tomorrow.

How it works

Reliance IP Centrex is a futuristic telephony service that enables high-quality, feature-rich Voice communication for individual users in the enterprise, while equipping the enterprise with effortless manageability of its usage. Phones linked to the Router/E-SBC at customer premises get connected to the Reliance IP Voice Network via Reliance Managed IP Access Network, using dedicated circuits for bidirectional PSTN communication.

With E-SBC, intra-office communications is independent of primary/secondary links
Secondary last mile
Primary last mile
  • Rich suite of features for users e.g., call forwarding to other numbers, personal attendant, conferencing, automatic call repeats, caller notifications, just to name a few
  • High-Definition Voice
  • Extends the benefits of a seamless IP Voice network across offices without any extra investment
  • Availability of a wide range of IP phones to suit every requirement
  • Compatible with analog phones using Integrated Access Device (IAD)
  • Video calls across the IMS Network
  • Easy integration with UC platform
  • Offers virtually unlimited scalability
  • Pooling of free usage of all Reliance Wireline Voice services across locations
  • Service entirely owned and operated by Reliance: hassle-free experience and frees up manpower for core business
  • Offers significant savings in upfront as well as operating costs
  • Enables seamless collaboration between employees
  • Makes your enterprise future-ready