Enterprise Voice

One Office

Business phone calls are no longer limited to office landlines. People are increasingly using their mobile phones and even home phones for business communication, thanks to factors like work-from-home, flexi-hours, different time zones, contingencies, etc. Reliance One Office is a unique service that puts all phone numbers—landline as well as mobile, domestic as well as international—that are used for business communication into one converged solution, and provides a ‘one office experience’ to all users.

You can even add numbers of your partners (vendors, associates, consultants, etc.), thus taking the ‘One Office’ benefits to your extended Enterprise. Any member of the group may use Short Digit Dial (SDD) code or the actual number to reach another member of the group.
  • Ease of Dialling: The same short digit number with a different prefix works for landline as well as mobile number of an user, e.g., #5 2345 (Landline), #6 2345 (Mobile).
  • Customizable Numbering Plan: Make a short-digit numbering plan that suits your Enterprise needs (e,g., numbers based on business units, location, etc.).
  • Number Portability: The One Office SDD number can remain the same even if the user’s landline/mobile number changes.
  • Directory: The Admin can generate and download a directory for the organization on the fly using the self-service portal.
  • One Office Experience: Users in different locations of the Enterprise using fixed wireline as well as mobile phones experience voice communication as if they are working in one office (similar to an IP communications solution).
  • Capex-free: Your Enterprise can enjoy the one office Voice experience without having to network Voice across offices or invest in PBX/IP communication for setting up a Voice VPN.