Network Services / Global VPN

Branch Connect

As your business goes looking for newer markets and extends its presence, the need for enterprise-grade secure connectivity for every site comes to the fore. With Reliance Branch Connect, India’s first 4G enterprise VPN solution, you can quickly extend your enterprise private network to sites virtually anywhere in the country.

Get quickly connected

No matter where your sites are located, you do not have to be content with unsecured, unreliable and unpredictable connectivity any more. Reliance Branch Connect gets all your business locations quickly connected to your enterprise MPLS VPN powered by Reliance’s private and secure network. What’s more, you get enterprise-grade features with the convenience of high-uptime wireless connectivity.

Anywhere, anytime

Extend your enterprise private network to sites virtually anywhere in the country.

Geographically dispersed enterprise sites connected through Branch Connect
  • Widest coverage across the country over 4G LTE
  • Enterprise-class performance objectives, routing features, reporting and service support
  • Multiband enterprise-class wireless router with advanced security features
  • Dedicated APN for each enterprise customer: your data stays secure end-to-end
  • Online performance monitoring
  • Makes expansion quick and easy for businesses, irrespective of site locations
  • Gives you complete control over your network and security
  • Low TCO
  • Frees you of security challenges typically associated with wireless solutions
  • Ease of management and scalability