IP Transit

Wholesale Internet transit designed to make your content the content of choice In Asia. Our IP network bridges directly between content sources in the West & key Asian Internet markets, and if Indian Internet users are your target market then we can take transit time out of the equation.


Ours is a network that goes where the Internet is used

If you are seeking access to almost 2 billion Internet users in India and Asia, then you‘ve come to the right place.

Our privately-owned network carries around 1/5th of global Internet traffic with extensive reach throughout the Emerging Markets Corridor.

We bridge directly between key content markets and voracious eyeballs …. We don’t rely upon upstream transit to reach your customers.

This enables us to offer some of the fastest routes between content and booming Internet markets … delivering a better experience to users.

Reach the right Internet users

Transit content to key communities direct from source:

  • 100% Internet users in India
  • >50% Internet users in South East Asia
  • Unique capabilities across Middle East

We've announced the 'Cloud & Fiber Initiative', a new state-of-the-art submarine cable system which will deliver latest subsea cable technology to meet growing Cloud infrastructure and capacity demands from global enterprises and OTTs.

No more bottlenecks and “time-outs”

Full backbone control means users do not suffer Internet bottlenecks on our network.

Our congestion-free IP backbone offers near-zero packet loss and total throughput, delivering great user experience.

Faster content delivery means happier users

Deliver a better experience for your loyal user-base with some of the fastest routes from Europe & the US into Asia, without the need for additional upstream hops. All backed by performance guarantee.

We can even take transit time out of the equation by hosting your content directly in the heart of key eyeball markets in one of our state-of-the-art on-net Data Centers.

Be ready to respond to explosive demand

Usage-based consumption, backed by flexible commercial models, gives you the agility to respond to the elastic Internet whether from event-driven demand or the latest gaming craze.

  • 3 variants offer differentiated access and reach
  • Global Routes – Full access to all global Internet routes
  • Direct Routes – Why pay for routes you don’t need? Direct routes provide downstream access to almost 2 billion Internet users in India and South East Asia … From all major IXs in the US and Europe
  • Premium Routes – Superior lower latency routes to eyeballs in India and China
Reach and Coverage

  • 40 IPTx PoPs across Asia, Middle East, Europe & USA
  • Presence in leading global IXs (IPv4 & IPv6 interconnects)
  • Interconnects with 340+ unique ISP and Content networks at 1,000+ locations
  • Network extension via layer 1 or layer 2 connection



  • Ethernet: FE, GigE, 10GigE
  • TDM / SDH: DS3, STM1, STM4, STM-16, STM-64



  • 45Mbps up to 10Gbps
  • 5Mbps increments (up to 100Mbps), 10Mbps increments (100Mbps to 1Gbps)



  • BGP & Static Routing options
  • Internet Multicast supported


Flexible Commercial Models

  • Flat-rate (fixed CIR) & Usage-Based Billing (with sustained burst)



  • Full support for IPv6 including native, dual-stack and tunneling
Network Performance

  • Best in class Round Trip Delay (RTD) on key routes
  • More routes leading to fewer hops and faster access
  • Optional co-location services at key data centers globally



  • East and West traffic routing on diverse cables systems
  • Superior reliability due to geographic diversity


Performance Guarantees

  • Availability: 99% (on-net)
  • Round Trip Delay: Route-specific guarantees between PoPs
  • Packet Loss: <0.05% (on-net)
  • Provisioning: 20 day standard / 5 day fast-track


Value-Added Services

  • IP address allocation
  • BGP filters
  • Protection against DDoS, DOS attacks & SYN flood
  • 24×7 service management with technical support
  • Online performance reporting
  • Online Looking Glass