As networks grow and become more complex, thanks to increasing digitization of business processes as well as rising security risks, enterprises often find themselves at a crucial decision point – that of managing their IT assets on their own.

Our customers have the advantage of ready access to a suite of advanced services, whenever they feel the need for expert management of their network and IT assets. This service suite is powered by tools and proven processes, supported by a 24x7x365 Services Operating Centre (SOC) equipped with intuitive, sophisticated visualization and reporting tools that enable advanced root cause analysis with speedy issue identification.

We provide Managed MPLS VPN as well as Managed DIA. The service suite includes proactive performance monitoring, fault management, CPE management, CPE change/configuration management, site onboarding and handover. Our services cover CPEs from multiple OEMs including Cisco, Juniper, Maipu, and others. We also offer end-to-end MPLS with managed last mile through Reliance Branch Connect India’s first 4G Enterprise VPN solution.

Managed Security Services

Through X-Shield – our fully managed security solutions suite – we offer services encompassing the full-service life cycle from solution design to implementation, device monitoring, device management, and reporting with standard and enhanced variants by feature and service content. Whether you simply need a managed firewall service, retaining control of your own security policies and responses, or a real-time proactive threat assessment and response service, we can seamlessly protect your network.

WAN Optimization Services

App Xpress – our WAN optimization solution—use optimization, data caching and compression to achieve LAN-like application performance over the Wide Area Network, almost eliminating traditional constraints of distance and network latency. A sophisticated management interface provides powerful control over network behavior while data de-duplication techniques help eliminate WAN congestion.

  • Ability to focus more on core business with reduced administrative effort on monitoring and management of IT assets
  • Higher operational efficiency by proactive problem resolution
  • Minimized risk of performance degradation when adopting new technologies