Network Services / Global VPN


Reliance MPLS VPN – a layer 3 service – powers your enterprise private network, connecting your sites into a secure WAN and keeps pace with your growth as you expand into new locations across India and the world.

Virtually all locations

Thanks to a ubiquitous terrestrial & radio network in India combined with a range of last mile options, the service can virtually cover any location in the country. Since the India network is seamlessly integrated with our global network that includes multiple subsea cable systems, Reliance MPLS VPN can cover your international sites as well, thus enabling seamless enterprise WAN communications across the world.

Powering enterprises

Thousands of organizations in India and across the world rely on Reliance MPLS VPN to power their enterprise networks.

  • Powered by Reliance’s countrywide high-performance terrestrial data network with 180 MPLS PoPs
  • MPLS VPN coverage in major global destinations across 160+ countries through owned and partner networks, with direct reach through 70+ own global MPLS PoPs and many more partner PoPs
  • Network directly connected to major data centers in India and the world
  • Offers direct, private connectivity to public Cloud platforms via CLOUD X Fusion
  • Fiber to the Building: Over 1.1 million buildings in India directly connected
  • 4 Classes of Service (CoS) that enable you to assign different priority levels to traffic from specific applications
  • Multicast-ready to help you transmit multimedia or data streams to multiple sites simultaneously
  • Supports IPv6 enabled devices and addresses
  • Usage-based options like ‘burstable’ bandwidth with 95th percentile billing
  • Managed Services portfolio covering Remote CPE Management and Change Management
  • Wide choice of last mile access media (fiber, copper, UBR and 4G LTE) and bandwidth options
  • Seamless processes across the enterprise: brings all your business sites (domestic as well as international) under a single, private, high-performance, secure network
  • Gives wings to business growth aspirations
  • Suitable for all business sizes, from a handful of sites to a few hundred; scale up as you grow
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership: highly resilient widespread network with a multitude of access options and managed services enables worldwide Enterprise connectivity at a low TCO