Wholesale Voice & VAS

Wholesale VAS

Besides a comprehensive bouquet of Wholesale Voice services, we also offer several Value Added Services (VAS) to MNOs, FNOs, Tier 1 Carriers, Calling Card Companies and OTTs across the world.


The IP Packet Exchange (IPX) is a next-generation platform with the ability to guarantee mobile data services and high-quality end-to-end voice. Through a global, secure and private IP interconnection, IPX is the most efficient way to run many different services on a single, converged interconnection. This platform enables us to deliver multiple services to carriers and MNOs in a well-defined way with Voice, GCX/CRX and Signaling/SMS.

  • Multi-service connectivity based on IP
  • End-to-end QoS
  • Service KPIs based on GSMA and i3forum standards
  • Secure traffic exchange through private IP backbone
  • Multiple interconnect business models: bilateral and unilateral

Global Access Numbers

We enable Carriers and Enterprises (e.g., Audio Conferencing Bridge Providers) to make global access numbers available to their customers in order to receive calls from international callers and carry those calls to their destinations across the world.

  • International Toll-Free Numbers in 100+ countries
  • DID (Local) Numbers in 50+ countries
  • Superlative call quality
  • Highly cost-efficient

Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS Service

For MNOs, SMS aggregators, OTTs and Enterprises, our A2P SMS service ensures instantaneous delivery of Application-to-Person SMS’s from across the world to mobile users in India. Customers who want to terminate A2P SMS in India can interconnect with us via SMPP or SS7. Our solution is MNP compliant and capable of terminating international SMS Pan-India across networks.

  • Significantly Cost-effective
  • Robust infrastructure
  • High Delivery Rates, Retry Mechanism
  • Intelligent Routing
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